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Introduction for an Adtech Motor

About our motors and their best uses ...

Operating A Downhole Drilling Motor

Helpful guidelines for running an Adtech Motor ...

Drill Bits 101

The best bits for Adtech Motors ...

Sonde Housings 101

Basic Designs for two Sonde Housings ...

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Introduction of an Adtech Motor

A general overview of our Adtech motors.

The motor operates at a speed more compatible with roller bits. This significantly lengthens bit life with increased on bottom time and fewer round trips. [...]

More set down weight can be put on bit for faster penetration with reserve power for the hard spots. [...]

Pressure compensated bearing section provides long seal life and more dependable bearing operation. [...]

Operating A Downhole Drilling Motor

It's not as hard as you think.

Attach motor/drill bit to the sonde housing. Orient the sonde to the motor by turning the sonde [...]

While you still have the motor on the surface, test the drilling motor by turning on your pumps, slowly at first, and then up to the desired GPM [...]

Trip to the bottom of the hole, when you tag bottom, stop. Pull back one or two feet, then turn on your pumps and go back to the bottom [...]

Drill Bits 101

Recommended Bits for Adtech Motors.

General overview of Tri Cone Roller Bits, PDC Drilling Bits [...]

Formations and the bit that best suits you [...]

Teeth and Buttons on a specific bit for a specific application [...]

Sonde Housings 101

Top and Side Door Loading: The sonde sets in the middle of the sonde housing tube and there are slits all around [...]

Side Door Loading Sonde Housing: Attach the orienting device end notch to the sonde and put all back in the side slot [...]

Trouble-Shooting: After running the sonde housing, make sure that the flow through the holes is not being washed out [...]

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