Motor Specifications

3 12"   6 - 7

3 12"   6 - 7   Lobe

Horizontal Boring Motor

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Rig Size:
Bit Size:
No Load: 350PSI
D60X90 | JT60
4 12" - 4 34"
With Load: 550PSI
All Adtech Drilling Motors are specifically designed for the Horizontal Boring Industry.

The 3 12” 6-7 Lobe Motor is a rugged, small-medium drilling motor, that for the oil field, would be a 2 78” motor. Adtech designed this motor with a 3 12” bearing pack instead of the 2 78” model thereby making it extra tough and long lasting. Adtech designed the same OD on the stator tube. Normally, the stator tube would have wall thickness of 14”. However, because Adtech designed/produced their own stators, the walls are a beefy 12” thick. This means stouter threads and less breakage of the motor. The 6-7 lobe design is medium range speed and has plenty of torque for all applications for the machines that use this size of motor.

Each of Adtech's motors have a sealed bearing pack to keep oil on the bearing for a smoother run.

Rotor 6 Lobes
Major Diameter (in): 1.91"
Eccentricity (in): 0.14"
Contour Length (in): 110.5"
Overall (in): 116"
Lead (in): 24"
Head Diameter (in): 1.8"
Material: 4140 HT
Weight (lb): ~
Stator: 7 Lobes
OD (in): 3.5"
ID (in): 2.5"
Overall Length (in): 120"
Cutback (in): 5"
Lead (in): 28"
Minor Diameter (in): 1.61"
Material: 4142 CD
Stages: 3.9
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