Motor Specifications

3"   6 - 7

3" 6 - 7 Lobe

Horizontal Boring Motor

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Rig Size:
Bit Size:
No Load: 450PSI
D36X50 | D40X55 | JT40
3 78" - 4 12"
With Load: 650PSI
All Adtech Drilling Motors are specifically designed for the Horizontal Boring Industry.

The 3“ 6-7 Lobe Motor is a stout, sturdy, small drilling motor, that for the oil field, would be a 2 38” motor. The 3" 6-7 lobe motor is a medium speed and medium torque tool. Adtech designed this motor with a 3” bearing pack instead of the 2 38” model thereby making it extra tough and long lasting. Adtech designed the same OD on the stator tube. Normally, the stator tube would have a wall thickness of .1875”. However, Adtech designed/produced their own stator tubes with 12” thick walls. This means stouter threads and less breakage of the motor.

Each of Adtech's motors have a sealed bearing pack to keep oil on the bearing for a smoother run.

Rotor 6 Lobes
Major Diameter (in): 1.375"
Eccentricity (in): 0.101"
Contour Length (in): 83.5"
Overall (in): 89"
Lead (in): 18"
Head Diameter (in): 1.125"
Material: 4140 HT
Weight (lb): ~
Stator: 7 Lobes
OD (in): 3"
ID (in): 2"
Overall Length (in): 92.625"
Cutback (in): 4.313"
Lead (in): 21"
Minor Diameter (in): 1.173"
Material: 4142 CD
Stages: 4
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