ADTECH's History & Accomplishments

Back in ’93, Bob Rankin, an oil field directional driller, recognized that he needed a motor designed more to suit his individual applications. He set into operation, a manufacturing facility, and proceeded to make and use his own drilling motors. Years later he recognized a need in the HDD industry for drilling motors that needed to be able to operate on the smaller HDD machines that had limited capabilities of the operation of mud motors. Adtech now has a complete range of motors that will cover most drilling applications.

Made in The USA!

Most people that know us, have seen the dedication and customer support that is unmatched in this industry. Whether you’re looking for a new motor or a rental, Adtech can solve the issues of your specific drilling needs with our great customer service, as you’ll always know what you’re getting, with an added complement of NO repair cost on rentals. These HDD motors are Made in The USA!

Exceptional Customer Service

Manufacturing our own power sections separates us from the competition. That has made us stand out and continues to help in customizing for the boring market. We pride ourselves in providing customers with exceptional products and professional customer service while maintaining a positive work environment for our 40+ hard working employees. Looking to know more? Call or Contact us anytime!


Looking to learn more about our HDD mud motor? Browse all our FAQs:

The motor selected for your job is based on the drilling unit you are running and the amount of fluid your mud pump (GPM) will deliver. Visit our Recommendations page for more information on what motor works best for you. Or Contact our sales team for more help deciding.

The drill bit size is selected by the customary size for the largest OD of your drilling string, including the drilling motor. Since the drilling motor is probably has the largest OD, then this will be the size Adtech will use in recommending a drill bit size.

Our Recommendations page will give you the sizes that normally run with Adtech motors. The type of drill bit is decided by the formation you will be drilling in. Read about what bits are preferred in specific applications in our Drill Bits 101 guide.

The amount of GPM for is decided on by the motor size. By looking at the charts provided you can decide what amount of fluid you will need. There is range for each size that can be run, which we call running on the “low side” of that range or the “high side” of that range. The larger the motor the more distance in between low side and high side. Optimum range would be the ideal GPM for that motor.

For instance a 12” 6-7 Lobe Drilling Motor range would be 60 to 70 GPM. 60 GMP would be the low side, 70 GPM would be the High Side & optimum would be in the middle.

The differential PSI is the pressure measured when you apply torque to the drilling motor. When you start the drilling motor and you run the needed GPM’s, the restriction in the motor will generate a PSI. This is the normal off-bottom PSI recommended for each motor. Once you touch bottom with the motor and start to drill, your pressure will rise which is known as on-bottom PSI. This is the differential pressure reading. A rule of thumb is that this is a 200 PSI increase over the regular pressure reading. If you stall the motor out, the motor will not turn when on bottom due to not enough pump or too much weight on the bit causing the differential pressure to spike. This is the time to turn off your pump, pick up off bottom and kick the pump back in and see if your pressures go back to normal operating readings.

Check our Recommendations for accurate PSI readings.