Custom Power Section Manufacturing

With a decade-long involvement in power section manufacturing, our proficiency is reinforced by significant investments in specialized machinery. Our repertoire includes advanced stator injection machines, rotor CNC machines, and rotor CNC polishing machines thoughtfully chosen to meet strict standards of precision and fit crucial for optimal power performance.

Additionally, we manufacture power sections not only for the Horizontal Directional Drilling Industry but also cater to the oil and gas, thru-tubing, and mining industries.

At the heart of our approach is customization, as we collaborate directly with clients to tailor power sections to their unique requirements. Engage in technical consultations with us to explore customized power section solutions where precision and innovation intersect, delivering tailored solutions aligned intricately with your specific requirements.

Precision Machining

Drawing upon over two decades of dedicated machining experience, our foundation in precision engineering stands steadfast. Our impressive fleet comprises over a dozen CNC machines, a versatile combination of mills and lathes, empowering us to adeptly handle diverse projects with finesse. With the capability to manage substantial outer diameter subs and achieve meticulous precision utilizing our 5-axis capabilities, we are committed to delivering unmatched results.

Our team relies on SolidWorks for custom design support from our in-house engineers, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality. Additionally, our adept use of Fusion 360 CAM optimizes the manufacturing process, driving efficiency and precision.

The integration of SolidWorks and Fusion 360 software significantly enhances our manufacturing capabilities, streamlining operations and fostering innovation. This extensive 20-year journey in machining stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence evident in every project we undertake.

Repair & Rework

Specializing in the repair and rework of downhole drilling parts, we are the trusted destination for meticulous restoration services. With a focus on precision machining, we excel in refurbishing a diverse range of downhole tools, such as sonde housings, subs, cross overs, reamers, and more.

Our dedication to exceptional quality extends to our advanced capabilities. Utilizing our in-house Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) machine, we detect and rectify flaws with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring top-notch safety and performance standards.

Additionally, our in-house phosphate treating service further fortifies refurbished parts, enhancing their durability and resilience. Contact us today for all your repair or rework needs and experience our meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technical capabilities firsthand.

* Free Lifetime Inspection, Epoxy & Thread Rework on Sonde Housings *

Drill Bits

In our array of offerings, we provide a diverse spectrum of drill bits, ranging from budget-friendly options for quick short shots to high-quality, precision-oriented bits for critical bore applications.

Our inventory features top-of-the-line bits equipped with cutting-edge drill bit technology, tailored to meet the unique needs of various drilling endeavors. We understand the pivotal role of selecting the right drill bit for each bore, and our collaborative approach ensures precise fulfillment of specific requirements.

Whether it’s the urgency of completing a bore swiftly or the demand for superior quality in critical drilling, our collection caters to a wide array of needs.

With thirty years of expertise in the industry, we excel in setting up comprehensive Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) for successful bores, adeptly pairing the ideal bit with the appropriate motor and specific rock formations to optimize performance and efficacy.

Count on us to guide you in selecting the perfect drill bit for your application, ensuring efficiency and success in your drilling endeavors.

Reamers & more

Within our array of offerings, we present a comprehensive selection of reamers, hole openers, and an extensive assortment of subs. Our in-house manufacturing of subs and custom tooling stands as a testament to our commitment to unrivaled precision, fortified by unparalleled customer support.

Beyond standard offerings, our expertise extends to crafting custom downhole tooling, actively seeking and embracing unique challenges.

Fueled by innovation, we thrive on collaborating closely with customers, eagerly working hand in hand to bring their visions to fruition.

As a company propelled by the pursuit of innovation, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you, transforming your ideas into tangible realities within the realm of downhole tooling.

* Free Lifetime Inspection, Epoxy & Thread Rework on Sonde Housings *