Maybe it’s backwards?

Buck Milsap, top notch salesman for Adtech, received a phone call from one of Adtech’s new customers.

The new customer had never ran a drilling motor before. Of course, Buck had been trying to help him get all of his connections correct, sonde housing hookup, and any crossover subs lined out.

After getting everything to the field, lined out, and all hooked up on the surface, the customer turned on his mud pump. This is when he called Buck with this question:   “Help Buck, I have everything hooked up, kicked on they pump, and the drilling motor is spinning big wide circles and shooting water everywhere. Why is this happening?!”

Buck confusingly responded:   “Ah, maybe you have the motor attached upside down?”.

Question: Can the drilling motor actually be attached upside down and if so would it rotate?

Answer 1: Yes. With enough crossover subs you can attach anything together.

Answer 2: Yes. Regardless if the motor is upside down, the drilling fluid would go through the bearing pack and activate the rotor and stator thereby turning the outside of the motor to the left. The drilling motor can turn to the right and to the left.

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